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We are pleased to present a new venture: The Yale ISM Review. Published by Yale Institute of Sacred Music, it is a biannual, open-access online publication serving practitioners in the fields of sacred music, worship, and the related arts. You are invited to join us for stimulating discussions, enriched by contributions from Yale faculty and others who are leaders in their fields.

Our inaugural issue is organized around the theme of song — that deeply human expression so important to worship, yet also fragile and needing care if it is to flourish. The theme of song is reflected here through music, poetry, art, and prayer; in these pages you will discover connections between song and human health, philosophy, architecture, and more.

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~ Rita Ferrone, editor
November 19, 2014

Table of Contents

Cover of Yale ISM Review Volume 1.1 Fall 2014

The Yale ISM

The ISM is an interdisciplinary graduate center at Yale University. It engages with the sacred through music, worship, and the arts in Christian communities, diverse religious traditions, and public life.