To Our Readers

How do music, the arts, ritual, and worship affect the way we experience disasters? How do they help us make sense of death, loss, and anguish? In a year that has been marked by disaster for so many people across the globe, these questions are as important as ever. This issue of The Yale ISM Review invites readers to explore these questions in several different contexts: from COVID-19 to migration, from racial oppression to climate change. Amidst the variety of experiences of disaster, sacred arts and ritual emerge in these articles as ways to acknowledge, remember, heal, and hope.

We hope you are inspired and challenged by the pieces here offered. Please share this publication widely! Subscription is free and open to all.

Mark Roosien, guest editor
April 28, 2021

Table of Contents

Guest Editor’s Introduction

On the Cover

Notes on Grief

Jewish Liturgical Responses to the Roman Destruction of the Temple

Building Communities of Song in Online Spaces

Music as Embodied Memory in a Time of Crisis

Bold Humility: Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in White-Dominant Churches

Preaching During the Twin Pandemics of COVID-19 and Racism: A Conversation with Lisa Thompson and Andrew Wymer

Faces of a Disaster

Eye of Witness, Hand of Faith: The Art of Asylum and New Retablos at the Border

On the Challenge of Singing a New Church and a New World into Being: Liturgical Space and Prayer Amidst the Planetary Emergency